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Easy Handcrafted Jewelry Ideas

The idea of giving out handcrafted jewelry as gifts is so alluring – you create something beautiful with your own hands, and everyone oohs and ahhs as the special gift is unwrapped. The reality? Spending a hundred dollars at the craft store only to come up with a lopsided bangle that you end up throwing… Read more »

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Unique Handcrafted Wood Gifts

Wood is a beautiful, versatile, and deceptively strong natural material that is perfect to use when creating. Artisans have long understood that wood’s unique properties make it the perfect building and sculpting material for everything from furniture to toys. Our handcrafted guide to wooden gifts includes items that highlight the unique properties of wood as… Read more »

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Handcrafted Gift Ideas

Celebrate the loved ones in your life this holiday season with a handcrafted gift that shows you care. Our gift guide includes something for everyone and lets you get creative, as well.   Beauty Gifts for Everyone   Natural Lip Balm Everyone on your list will appreciate the gift of softer lips this winter. This… Read more »

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3 Reasons to Invest in a Handcrafted Organic Memory Foam Mattress

Some products seem to clearly lend themselves to handmade or artisanal crafting. Jewelry and many home products fit this bill; mattresses typically do not. Usually, we think of mattresses as once-in-a-decade items purchased from a big box store for a few hundred dollars more than we wanted to spend. However handcrafted memory foam mattresses, composed… Read more »

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Companies to look out for with the best handmade furniture pieces

  Blending creative designs that are also fashion forward with old world building methods can be something one is passionate about when selecting handmade products to decorate your home. Brands like Mortise & Tenon located in Los Angeles are the epitome of such standards with furniture that is authentic and bench made in addition to… Read more »

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Be in-the-know about vendors with handcrafted products in Los Angeles

You have no excuse as to not being able to find any vendors in Los Angeles who provide handcrafted products; regardless of whether you are looking for something for your home that is one-of-a-kind or something unique and heartfelt to give to a loved one as a gift, you will find yourself spoilt for choice…. Read more »

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Find out what makes these handmade textile products so good

Nothing is more heartfelt and says you care like purchasing a décor gift for your home that has been designed and hand-made. Cotton and Flax have some awesome handmade décor pieces for your home made from textiles in bold and modern patterns ensuring you make a statement, however, big or small it may be. All… Read more »

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Why Los Angeles is a haven for handmade products

Your décor design or style should tell a story and this can be done using the furniture and other small details in the room. There is plenty of potential in terms of custom handmade furniture in Los Angeles through various home décor stores which are ready to provide clients with just about every kind of… Read more »

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Why Choose Handcrafting?

In industries from clothing and jewelry to home goods and furnishings, you’ve probably seen a big push in marketing for products that are ‘handcrafted.’ But what’s the difference?