The idea of giving out handcrafted jewelry as gifts is so alluring – you create something beautiful with your own hands, and everyone oohs and ahhs as the special gift is unwrapped. The reality? Spending a hundred dollars at the craft store only to come up with a lopsided bangle that you end up throwing away. However, you don’t have to give up on your dream of creating something fun for yourself or a friend. These easy handcrafted jewelry ideas are so simple – and inexpensive – that anyone can do them!


Clay Geometric Necklace

This necklace is so cute; your friends will all think you bought it at the mall. All you need is a small package of Sculpey modeling clay, a necklace chain, and your favorite shades of metallic paint. Make a few clumps, in-between quarter-sized and golf ball-sized, and mold them around the necklace chain, evenly spaced. Heat your oven to 275 degrees (Fahrenheit) and bake the whole necklace on a tray, about 15 minutes for every quarter inch thickness of clay. After letting them cool just enough to handle, you can use a utility knife (careful, these are sharp!) to carve some flat edges to form the geometric shapes. If desired, you can also use a little fine-grit sandpaper to flatten and smooth the sides even more. Then, simply brush the “stones” with your favorite metallic paint and allow to air dry!

Bobby Pin Earrings

Out of all the household objects to repurpose, did you ever think bobby pins would make such adorable earrings? To do this simple project, you need a handful of bobby pins, your favorite shades of nail polish, two earring hooks, and a little craft wire. Begin with painting the bobby pins. For the easiest version, just pick one shade of nail polish and go with solid. Or, you can tape off sections of the pins and make stripes, chevron, or whatever you’d like. When dry, peel the tape. Use the craft wire to create a little “hanger” loop to hold the pins side-by-side (use about six pins per earring), wrapping the edges a few times around the earring hook. Trim any excess and tuck the edges under.

Glitter Statement Ring

An ultra-customizable glitter ring will dress up any outfit, and you won’t believe how easy it is to do. You can start with any size adjustable ring – any size will do, but the bigger, the better! The ring should have a blank setting pad – or you can pry stones off an old ring you already have. You’ll also need a piece of styrofoam to place the ring to dry, a paper cup, glitter, and varnish glue. Position the ring on the styrofoam to hold it securely, and use a toothpick to blend half a teaspoon of your favorite glitter color with a quarter teaspoon of varnish glue. It will be stiff. Use the toothpick to drop the mixture onto the ring pad, a little at a time. Spread it evenly and let it dry!

You can find the supplies for these easy handcrafted jewelry ideas lying around your house, or at the craft store for just a few dollars. Best of all, they’re so simple they’re almost impossible to mess up! Try one of these for your next gift-giving occasion and watch your loved one’s eyes light up as they imagine all the outfits they’ll pair with your jewelry.

Written by Lillian Hammah

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