For those who enjoy making handmade goods and would like to sell your handcrafts, it can be daunting to know where to start. This simple guide offers a few suggestions for where to begin so you can start selling your handcrafted wares. Depending on what it is you are selling, some markets or avenues may be better than others, but in general, these are good places to start when you are breaking into the handcrafted market.


Selling Face to Face

Brick and mortar store

If you want to try selling your goods at a brick-and-mortar store, there are a few things you can try in your local area. Talk with local store owners to see if they are interested in buying your inventory wholesale. If your product is something their customers will like, they may be willing to take your inventory off your hands and sell in their stores.

Wholesale or Consignment

If you want to sell your goods wholesale, check out Sourcing Handmade, which helps independent makers find places to sell their products wholesale.  Alternatively, see if any of your local shops have shelf space for consignment. Some businesses will let you have a shelf, display case, or another area to sell your goods, taking a portion of each of your sales.

Trade fairs or Festivals

Another way to sell in person is at trade fairs, conventions, festivals, and other one-time events. While this method will keep you busy with travel and logistics, it is a great way to get your product into many different geographic areas. Usually, for a small fee, you can set up a table at regional and local events to display your wares, and churches and schools will often host fundraisers or other events that are great for selling handcrafts. Renegade Craft is a series of in-person craft fairs that take place in various cities throughout the year, and there are others like it, as well.


Selling Online

With the proliferation of online marketplaces, it is easier than ever before to sell your handcrafted goods online.


Etsy is probably the best-known marketplace for craftspeople and artisans, and it can be an excellent place to start marketing because of its relatively low cost. It is a larger space with lots of competition, though, so it may not be the best choice for overcrowded niches.


Ebay is probably the other most well-known online space for handmade goods. Buyers can bid on your items, making them feel like they are getting a bargain, and you can set parameters for how much you are willing to compromise on price.

Other online shops

Other marketplaces that specialize in handcrafted goods include ArtFire, Zibbit, DaWanda, iCraft, and Bonanza, and there are hundreds more that have specific specialties and niches. This excellent review lists 25 online sources for selling handcrafted goods, including information about each site’s specialty.

Get Selling

With the proliferation of online spaces and a market supportive of handcrafted goods, now is a great time to start selling your homemade wares. With opportunities like these, it just may be possible to turn your hobby into a career.

Written by Lillian Hammah

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