Holistic wellness is about focusing on the whole of yourself, including the mind and soul as well as the body. When considering how you take care of yourself, it’s important to remember that you must take care of all aspects of you. It can be difficult in our busy lives to prioritize ourselves over others and the daily demands, but remember that you must take care of yourself if you are to love yourself.


These self-care tips are designed to give you ideas and options for promoting more holistic wellness in your life on a regular basis, not as a “treat” when you have time. When used in conjunction with more time-demanding practices, such as massage, yoga, and meditation, these small practices can lead to a healthier mind-body-spirit balance in your life.


Create Relaxing Moments in the Everyday


Take advantage of routine to create relaxing moments. Think of something you do every day, like taking a shower or brushing your teeth. Add just a few things to these rituals to create more peaceful moments in your day. Play relaxing music while you are doing the dishes, put some essential oils in your shower, use incense sticks to help you meditate for a few minutes while you brush your teeth. These small moments add up throughout the day and give you more opportunities to engage your mind and spirit in your self-care practices.


Be Still in the Present Moment


Be present in moments rather than operating on auto-pilot. Turn off the TV and devices while you eat a meal, focus on the movement and purpose of daily activity, stop multi-tasking every minute of every day. Your brain needs the downtime, and you’ll feel less rushed and stressed. In particular, focused eating leads to less overeating and fewer digestive issues, so make an effort to be present mentally when you sit down to eat a meal.


Just Breathe


Even 30 seconds of deep breathing has been shown to have therapeutic benefits. Take advantage of small (or more significant) moments throughout your day to focus on your breath, inhaling and exhaling with purpose. It’s a chance for your mind to reset and your body to enjoy the benefits of increased oxygen flow and relaxation. Use relaxing music or essential oils to create a mini-meditation session, even if you only have 5 minutes. You’ll thank us later.


Use your Creativity


Regardless of what you find fun and exciting to do, make sure you make opportunities to create for yourself. Whether you like to write, produce art, learn new things, cook, or listen to music, engage the creative side of your brain to nourish your soul. When we try new things or create something for ourselves or others, we create purpose in our lives.


Journal to Release Stress


Journaling can be a way of letting go. As we put our thoughts, fears, and worries on the paper, we can release them from our minds, giving us space to process and move on. Writing in a journal regularly is a long-standing therapeutic practice that many find helpful as part of a holistic wellness routine.


Written by Lillian Hammah

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