Celebrate the loved ones in your life this holiday season with a handcrafted gift that shows you care. Our gift guide includes something for everyone and lets you get creative, as well.


Beauty Gifts for Everyone


Natural Lip Balm

Everyone on your list will appreciate the gift of softer lips this winter. This super natural handcrafted lip balm makes a great gift for all. If you don’t want to put it in tubes, you can always customize the containers for each person by decorating small tins like these.


Lavender Bath Salts

Give the gift of relaxation with these handcrafted Sweet Lavender Bath Salts. All on your gift list will appreciate this wonderfully scented gift that is the perfect addition to any bath. Mountain Rose Herbs has recipes for all types of bath and beauty products, so you’re sure to find one for that special someone on your list.  


Food is the Gift that Keeps on Giving



The way to everyone’s heart this holiday season is with chocolate. This premade brownie mix contains high-quality ingredients that make it far superior to store-bought mixes. Get creative with the packaging, too, to make a tasty gift that people won’t mind displaying until the brownie mood strikes.


Dip Mix Ornaments

Another creative food gift is these Dip Mix Ornaments. Each light bulb-shaped ornament is filled with herbs, spices, and other ingredients and ready to be added to a few fresh ingredients to create delicious dips. You can choose from four different recipes, or make your own. Sprinkle Some Fun even has an idea for Hot Chocolate Mix Ornaments, too.


Gifts for the Home or Office


Candles are always a lovely gift, and it has never been easier to give a handcrafted candle then by making them from beeswax. Beeswax candles are exceptionally beautiful for their golden glow and long burn time, but they are also beautiful because they burn so cleanly. Making beeswax candles at home is as simple as melt and pour, so the only thing you’ll have to think about is how you want to wrap them.

Scrabble Coasters

For all the word lovers in your life, these fun and practical Scrabble coasters make a wonderful gift. It’s often easy to find cheap Scrabble games at yard sales and thrift stores, and with just a little time and a few materials, you’ll have a cute and customized gift with little fuss.


Fabric-covered cork boards

This final gift is effortless to make! Plus, it makes a great addition to a kitchen, office, kids room, or garage, so you’ll consider making several sets just for you. Using inexpensive cork hot pads and a small amount of fabric, you can create these fabric-covered cork boards to hold memos, lists, tickets, cards, and much more. Place them in sets to build a wall accent, or use just one as a statement piece.

Handcrafted Gifts

Giving a handcrafted gift is always a pleasant gesture. It shows you thought of the recipient individually, and that the contribution of your time and energy is just as important as the outcome. Handcrafted gifts are thoughtful, often very economical, and easy to personalize. This holiday season, consider the impact a handcrafted gift would have on the recipients on your list.

Written by Lillian Hammah

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