Spring is the time for renewal. In our personal lives, we might excavate old pursuits to find a new hobby or work to better ourselves and our relationships. When it comes to the handcrafted materials around the home, spring is the time to refresh, caress, and give a little TLC. You invested in all-natural, organic ingredients – best to take care of them!

There’s no way around it: we spend a lot of time in bed. That’s why it’s especially important to refresh your resting situation. Sleep is a fundamental facet of a healthy, balanced life, so it’s worth the time to care for your organic bedding with a little spring love.


Commit to Cotton Care

Regular care for your organic sheets and pillowcases should include machine washing alone on a delicate setting. Instead of detergent, try a homemade enzyme cleaner or an organic soap. Air drying is ideal, but if you don’t have space in your apartment or bedroom, use a low heat drying cycle.

To refresh in spring, lightly spray your cotton with a bright, aromatic blend of warm water, baking soda, and essential oil. Lemongrass, jasmine, and grapefruit are some great spring scents! You’ll drift dreamily to sleep enveloped in one of these fragrances, ready to renew for the coming day.


Feed Your Pillow’s Inner Peace

Pillows are more than just their case – you need to care for the interior to have a healthy pillow! It’s important to let it air out seasonally by to leaving the case off during the day. Be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight. Do this for a few days in a row, add in the baking soda/essential oil spray mentioned above, and create a more peaceful place to rest your head each evening!


Find New Items for the Ultimate Refresh

Sometimes our bedding just isn’t springtime singing like it should. After too many nights, it loses its soft feel and comforting textures. If a new piece or full set of bedding is what you need, check out Brentwood Home’s collection of bedding to see if anything strikes your fancy!


Written by Lillian Hammah


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