Some products seem to clearly lend themselves to handmade or artisanal crafting. Jewelry and many home products fit this bill; mattresses typically do not. Usually, we think of mattresses as once-in-a-decade items purchased from a big box store for a few hundred dollars more than we wanted to spend.

However handcrafted memory foam mattresses, composed entirely of natural and organic materials, are a terrific alternative to the typical metal coil mattress with a wooden box spring. Here are three reasons to invest in a natural organic mattress.


1. Coil mattresses may be antennas for electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic (EM) radiation is all around us. Anytime we are seeing, making phone calls, and or looking up blogs on the internet, we are using EM radiation. Concentrated exposure to these waves can act as a cancer-causing agent, altering DNA over a long period to cause cancer.

The springs in coil mattresses may collect this EM radiation and trap it within the network of metal that makes up the coils. Spending all night there, in the midst of that reflected radiation, probably isn’t the best thing for you – so look to ditch those metal coils!


2. Fireproofing can often be toxic. For some time, the U.S. government has required mattress production companies to make mattresses that could resist catching fire if exposed to a lighted cigarette. The chemicals used to produce this fire resistance are often questionable – like polybrominated diphenyl ethers (yikes!), which were banned in the EU, Canada, and several states, after evidence emerged they were becoming more concentrated in women’s breast milk. While PBDE’s are all but phased out, other chemical flame retardants like boric acid and phthalates, probably aren’t much better.

What’s better? Natural fire barriers, including hydrated silica and organic wool, like those used in mattresses at Brentwood Home.


3. You spend a lot of time close to your mattress – it should be making you healthy. We are sleepy creatures, needing to devote about a third of our life to snoozing. You’ll be spending most of that time nuzzled up on your mattress. Doesn’t it make sense to ensure that mattress is as safe and environmentally-friendly as possible? That’s why going organic and giving up the industrially produced mattresses could be a great decision for your health and happiness.



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