Mattresses these days come in a range of varieties. You’re probably most familiar with either memory foam mattresses (the squishy stuff developed by NASA) or coil spring mattresses (the firm metal type). But innovations in mattress technology have brought us another kind: natural latex. Let’s take a look at some reasons to buy a natural latex mattress.


1. It’s environmentally conscious. Natural latex comes from rubber trees found throughout tropical regions of the world. The tree sap is mixed with a couple organic compounds and molded into shape, after which it sets and takes a solid, foamy form. With no added chemicals and a production process that doesn’t require heavy industry, natural latex is a good choice for the eco-friendly sleeper.


2. No off-gassing, irritants, or flattening. Synthetic memory foam is usually cheaper than natural latex, but that’s because it doesn’t have many of the great properties found in natural latex. The synthetic variety requires several heavy chemicals which can give off a strong odor and irritate the skin once the mattress is in use. To make matters worse, the synthetic foam typically lasts half the time of a natural latex mattress, going flat in just a few years.


3. Soft but resilient feel. The advantage of memory foam is that it’s much softer than coil spring mattresses, reducing pressure points and increasing comfort. But some people find these mattresses too soft – they don’t like to “sink in” to their mattress. That’s where natural latex comes in. The natural latex base provides a resilient foundation without being firm, great for cultivating that “get up and go” feeling in the morning!


4. Many options available. Natural latex mattresses come in many varieties. Whether you need something firm or soft, big or small, bouncy or stable, the different forms of latex production provide something for everyone. Check out Brentwood Home’s selections to find a price and feel that’s right for you!

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