Nothing is more heartfelt and says you care like purchasing a décor gift for your home that has been designed and hand-made. Cotton and Flax have some awesome handmade décor pieces for your home made from textiles in bold and modern patterns ensuring you make a statement, however, big or small it may be. All the products are hand-made in Los Angeles, California by designer Erin Dollar with every piece designed to help one express their individual style and get to enjoy everyday moments in their home and make memories as they celebrate with their loved ones. Each piece that makes up the collection is cut out, printed and sewn in Los Angeles, California. She spends a lot of time coming up with new designs and experimenting with various stamps and inks and her favorite pens and brushes ensuring that she gives the people something fresh every time.


Get handcrafted goods to make an ordinary table top come alive with or linen throw pillows that are wonderfully patterned to make your living space more lively and cozy and also infuse meaning and style into your home.

Curious as to how these pieces are made? The striking patterns in every Cotton & Flax piece in the collection starts as ink drawings. Erin then develops every pattern by hand using sumi ink and a brush after which she will transfer the patterns to a silk screen in order to print multiples on the fabric to be used for the end product.

The textiles used for Cotton & Flax pieces are made with natural materials which involve water-based and eco-friendly inks as well as linen fabrics. Erin selects linen-blend fabrics due to their unique properties such as enhanced softness as time progresses, high durability and high absorbency.

The production for Cotton & Flax is typically done in small batches not to mention lots of the items are accessible in limited quantities seeing as the designer normally refreshes her palette with every changing season meaning variety is a guarantee. The studio has been designed in a way that attention is focused on generating high-quality products for clients to enjoy right from the comfort of their own homes.


The designer, Erin Dollar who is the brains behind Cotton & Flax has a background in fine art printmaking and she delivers a vision that is both simple and has a modern aesthetic. With the company, she conceptualizes textile design as a combination of fine craft as well as fine art. She makes use of traditional methods as she prints every textile piece. It is Erin’s hope that she can get to share her passion for printmaking and in the process get to boost a greater interest by the public in what she has to offer to result in more people owning home goods that are both unique and handmade. Among her home goods are pillows, Tea Towels, Napkins, Trivets and coasters. For gifts the Cotton & Flax collection provides the options of notebooks, lavender sachets and key chains; the pick is up to you depending on likes and preferences.


Cotton & Flax products add a touch of flair to the home as sometimes it is all about quality and not quantity when it comes to applying décor to your residential space or even your workspace because as they say, a little goes a long way. Whether it is patterned napkins which you can add to your table setting to wow your guests with or lovely pillows to add some character to your couch or a little flavor to your bedding arrangement, handmade textile products for your home are clearly a must-have for any red-blooded person with a passion for the finer things.

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