You have no excuse as to not being able to find any vendors in Los Angeles who provide handcrafted products; regardless of whether you are looking for something for your home that is one-of-a-kind or something unique and heartfelt to give to a loved one as a gift, you will find yourself spoilt for choice. Below are some great vendors in L.A. to try.

Urban Geometry has geometric brass planters as well as wall hangings and much more to incorporate into your interior design giving it that extra edge. Everything they offer is made exclusively by hand in Los Angeles.

Swing Dash has some awesome handmade canvas and leather handbags all from Los Angeles.


Celeste Korthase makes paintings or rather creates paintings that exude boldness, raw energy and an intensity that is like no other. She makes use of reclaimed wood and repurposed construction materials in the creation of her art.

One vendor who takes modernity in art to the next level to come up with end results that are both hilarious and contradictory is Nina Saronne. What is this work of art you ask? Rap embroidery- she takes the wholesome and quaint art of needle and thread and combines it with simple rap lyrics. This may be a great gift for someone who appreciates a good sense of humor as much as the next person.

Hollywood Fodder creates rings, necklaces and bracelets as well as hand-wrapped cuffs which are all made in sterling and brass.


A Zillion Dollars is a comprised of a collection of witty accessories and comic print arts which include handmade magnets, canvas bags, hand painted ceramics, stationery and other miscellaneous fun goods.

Betsey Carter Ceramics is built on the foundation of the traditional vessel form and the entire process called upon by Betsey involves historical ceramics and literary images as well as passages which in turn gives functionality to the pieces while still taking them beyond the domestic spectrum.

The Janjoon Jewelry collection has been inspired by quite a number of themes such as pottery, astronomy, greek mythology, bones, puzzles, clockwork, metals, trees, spices, antiques, architecture and even spider webs…the list is almost endless.

Flea Market Girl is a line of jewelry pieces which combine brass metal, leather, bronze, semi-precious stones and raw materials to give rise to works of art worth wearing.


ANDROGYNY is also a jewelry line designed by a girl and a guy who believe that gender has an entire spectrum of colors to it and not just black and white. The jewelry is all handcrafted in their Los Angeles studio utilizing non-traditional methods; the ancient method of lost wax being one of them.

If you want to talk about convenience and quality all in one package Beautiful Things LA should be the topic of discussion. Why? They create wonderfully handmade accessories and proceed to deliver orders to the client’s Los Angeles neighborhood on their vintage Bluebird Bus. Talk about the whole package!


I Must Draw is a business which specializes in paper goods of a quirky nature specifically greeting cards which are printed sketches that have been drawn by hand directly from Desiree B’s imagination. Among the accessories include pins, gift tags and wooden engraved magnets.

For hand crafted cuffs, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings, you could visit Paradigm design or RitaYma Jewelry for contemporary, edgy and handmade designs which are also made from fine silver metal clay, sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones.

Lustered Walnut makes artisanal home products with the use of local and reclaimed materials in a 100% solar powered shop in Southern Californian.


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