In industries from clothing and jewelry to home goods and furnishings, you’ve probably seen a big push in marketing for products that are ‘handcrafted.’ But what’s the difference? Why should you hunt for items that are made by hand instead of by automated machines? Here are 5 reasons why choosing handcrafted is great for you and great for the economy.


They’re unique

An item that’s handcrafted will never be made the same way twice, ensuring you get a product that’s as unique as the person who made it for you. It’s more fun to use a product that has tiny distinctions and quirks than it is to use a product that’s being cut, shaped, and molded by a machine the same way. Think about your favorite quilt with the one-of-a-kind dye – it’s unique to you, and no two look exactly the same. Buying handcrafted means buying the one and only of your product!

They support a tradition of skilled work

In many factories around the world, the workers have been practicing their skill in that trade for years and years, earning experience that can’t be matched. When you buy a handcrafted product, you’re supporting the cultivation of hard-earned experience from a real person, not a set of codes and algorithms given to an automated machine. Plus, these skilled craftspeople have seen it all. Thankless years of training and honing the development of their product, they know what’s best for production and how to fix any issues that may arise.

More attention to detail

Another perk of real people handling the production process is the difference in attention to detail. With an automated system, mistakes can happen easily and quickly, causing defects in hundreds of products that aren’t caught until it’s too late. When a skilled craftsperson is handling your product, mistakes are much less likely to happen and you’re sure to be getting something that’s been double and even triple checked for perfection.


It’s good for the economy

For many, the importance of buying handcrafted goods, especially from local markets, is because it supports the economy and real workers. Studies show that people who make their salaries from independent businesses are more likely to spend this money in their own communities than they are at chain retailers and corporations. Finally, supporting small businesses that handcraft their own goods keeps the workers working. As technology continues to take over jobs previously held by real, working people, it’s more important than ever to do what we can to keep these skilled trade professions around.

Feel good about it!

After reading all of the above, it’s easy to see that buying handcrafted is something a consumer can feel good about. By purchasing from a small business that pays their workers fair wages for their irreplaceable skills, you know your money is touching real lives and supporting the economy from the ground up. Rest easy knowing the product you bought was skillfully crafted, and that you’re supporting the security of trade professions across the country.


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